Since I haven’t updated this blog since 2015, I feel a bit uneasy to just continue blogging as if that 11 months didn’t happen. I don’t want my blog to have a void. And since my life lately has been pretty uneventful, I’m pretty sure I could fit my 2016 so far in a single post.

I have been spending a lot of time with my family lately. Years ago, I would just be spending time with them during new year’s and other special occasion, but now, I see them at least once a month and it has been great. I don’t know why I stopped hanging out with them; maybe it was teenage angst.


New year’s eve with the family

No matter what the reason was, I am just glad to be spending precious moments with them again. Especially now that we have a new baby in the family! <3 My brother and his wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy last year and he’s the cutest! And I swear, every time I see him, pagwapo siya nang pagwapo.

Free's Baptismal

Free’s Baptismal (Jan 2016)

Free's Baptismal

Free’s 1st Birthday Celebration (Jul 2016)

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After three months, I finally edited our vlog. And wow, it’s been 11 months since I last posted something here. Why am I such a bad blogger. I’m so sorry, haha!

Casey and I went to Baguio for our 7 year anniversary. Believe it or not, this is our first out-of-town trip where there’s just the two of us. I don’t know why either. I like travelling a lot, but unfortunately, he’s not much of a fan. But I have a feeling this trip helped change his mind. ;)


I still can’t believe I’m already 20 y/o. I mean I haven’t been so sure with what I’ve been doing with my life and I’m pretty much just going with the flow. Not that it’s such a bad thing. I don’t know, how silly of me to think that growing a year older would make such a huge difference. Like taking a huge step. But nope, here I am, still the same as the 19 y/o me, haha! Growing up isn’t something that age defines. I figured it’s something we, people, do everyday. We grow up in the things we do.


I really am grateful for the twenty years — for the people around me, for the experiences, for everything. I’m not going to be who I am today without those.

Tagaytay view

I spent my day with Casey at Tagaytay. It was just a simple day full of giggling and talking. I can’t find words to describe how perfect the day was despite the rain. It was wonderful.

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Life lately has me a bit overwhelmed. Since Storm passed, a lot of things have changed. My Papá told me he understands the pain I was going through, that losing a pet really is hard, but it’s even harder not to have a four-legged friend beside me. And yes, it is true.  As a baby, I had Sarah, our German Shepherd, taking care of me. When I was two, we adopted Headband, a small mixed breed dog and he became my playmate. At the age of seven, I got my first dog, Bobboh. And so on… Throughout my nineteen years of existence, I’ve always had a pet and I can’t imagine what it’s like not to have one. It was such a big step to get a new pet while mourning for a lost one, but hey, I did what I gotta do. I researched for a dog breed that will suit my personality and lifestyle and I ended up with a Boston Terrier. I looked for a good breeder here at the PH and fast forward to two weeks later, Bruce entered our lives.

Ride home w/ Bruce
Bruce's ride home

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April 24, 2015 at around 5:40PM, the world lost you.

I can’t fathom the pain I’m going through knowing I’ll never see you again, knowing I’ll never hug you or fill you up with kisses, never feel your headbutts, never hear you meow or purr, never feel your warmth whenever we cuddle. Everything happened so fast. We were even snuggling ten minutes before it happened…and then in just less than three minutes, you left.

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2015 so far…

Let me start off by saying that this post is probably going to end up as a photo-dump or a really random update post. My life has been a bore lately — a routine I can’t break out of. But don’t get me wrong, 2015 has been pretty good so far.

I welcomed the new year with my boyfriend. We were supposed to go to Solaire’s NYE countdown, but of course, being the typical Casey & Mona, we cancelled at the last-minute and decided to stay at home and eat two boxed of pizza + a box of chicken and mojos. Yup, nothing new here.


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